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    Renovations can completely change the atmosphere in your home but only if they are done right by experienced professionals. At Marpro Remodeling Inc., we have the experience needed to handle any interior and exterior remodeling to give your home or business a great new look that you can enjoy for years.

    From custom carpentry work to cabinet refinishing to laminate floor installation, the renovation contractors at Marpro Remodeling Inc. can take great care of your project with attention to the finest details that make every finished work stand out.

    When a complete home remodeling is more than what you need, Marpro Remodeling Inc. also provides convenient and efficient services that can give your space a lift, like residential and commercial painting, for both existing and new construction properties, drywall repairs, and even power washing services.
    For all your home or business renovations, large or small, call Marpro Remodeling Inc. in Park Ridge, IL and let the experts take your project to the highest levels of service and quality.

    Our Painting Services

    When you need painting, you can trust the professionals at Marpro for expertise and reliability. We provide top-quality painting services for all types of projects, whether it’s interior, exterior, residential, or commercial painting, we do it all. Our experts even handle new construction painting and spray-painting as you need it.

    There is no painting project that is too large, too small, or too complex for our team of painting contractors to get it done right. We will provide you with insight into the best paint for each surface and you can leave the rest to us.

    Check Our Other Services

    Stains and Finishes

    Get the color and tone you want with the right stains and finishes to bring the most out of your floors and railings. We can give you our best recommendation so you can achieve just the right look you want.


    At Marpro Remodeling, we can build the ideal piece that can fit just right in any room. Our team has professionals on hand to provide the carpentry you’re looking for to create storage, a beautify focal point, or a great built-in.

    Laminate Floor Installation

    Leave your floors in good hands with our laminate floor installation contractors. We will make your floors look amazing and you don’t have to do anything other than enjoy them when we’re done. We have years of experience with laminate floor installation.

    Carpet Tile Installation

    If you’re looking for an easy and comfortable solution to your floors, our team can provide carpet tile installation. This flooring option gives you flexibility and style so you can maintain your floors with ease.

    Drop Ceiling Installation and Repair

    Our ceiling experts are ready to give you the drop ceiling you need for your home or business. And if you have damage to your current drop ceiling, our professionals offer fast and reliable repair services.

    Drywall Repair

    Get your damaged or poorly constructed drywall repaired with the expertise at Marpro Remodeling acquired through years of working with drywall materials. Our service is quick and will keep your drywall in perfect condition.

    Power Wash Service

    Make it clean and ready for anything you want to do with it through our power washing service. Whether you want to remove old paint, eliminate grime, or simply need a surface to be clean, trust our power washing to do it for you.

    Cabinet Refinishing

    If you want a new look for your kitchen, bathroom, or any other space that needs a cabinet refresh, our cabinet refinishing is like getting a complete renovation on a budget to achieve your vision of the space.

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